Friday, July 10, 2015

I made a tote

My friend invited me to a retro night at a local fondue restaurant. Having nothing vintage or retro in my closet, I bought a dress and shoes from Modcloth. I then bought cherry print fabric and cotton webbing, and made myself a tote.

It was simple enough to make. I am going to make a WWE one for my friend, since she loves wrestling so much.

Since I am finally getting a/c installed next week, I'm going to finish my Sailor Moon cosplay. I need to embroider the bottom, attach the back bow, install snaps, and attach the skirt to the bodice.  My sewing room gets quite hot so I took advantage of the cool weather yesterday and made the tote.

After my cosplay is finished, I'm going to make a 1940's blouse, a pair of sailor shorts, and an 18th century ensemble which includes a chemise, pocket hoops/panniers, stays, and a robe a la anglaise.

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