Monday, February 3, 2014

Looking to the future.

Every year, I attend the ren faire. I've dressed up in medieval garb, and I've dressed up in Victorian garb. I'm mostly a fan of Victorian clothing, but I fell in love with a costume from Marie Antoinette. My ren faire is nice in that it allows costumes from any period.

From what I can tell, it's a pet en l’air jacket, a skirt with a shift, a pair of 18th century stays, and panniers/pocket hoops worn underneath.

I already have patterns for the skirt, pocket hoops and now the stays. I actually have two patterns, JP Ryan's strapless stays, and Butterick 4254, which is not strapless. I decided to get both patterns in case one was better than the other. I need a pattern for the caraco jacket, which I will get in due time.

The ren faire doesn't start until August, although I go in September because the weather is cooler. I have plenty of time to advance my sewing skills and build my way up to making the stays, I feel like that will be the hardest thing to make.

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