Saturday, February 15, 2014

Butterick mockup - complete!

I finished the mockup three days ago. It feels soooo good to complete it. As a refresher, here is what it originally looked like:

And here it is after adjustment: 

I'm pretty darn pleased with it.

Also, I started putting the other mockups together and I must say, everything is looking good. Although, the clothing doesn't look as good on the dress form as it does on me, but that's alright.

My goal this coming week is to finish the jacket. I have the neck ruffle, the right sleeve and both sleeve flounces to do, and that's it. All of my mockups will be complete and then I can start working on the real versions.

The jacket will be interfaced and have a lovely magentish brocade as the main fabric. It will also be lined with magenta fabric.

The corset will be made of black brocade flatlined with black duck canvas, and black lining.

The tails and apron will be two layers. The first layer will be black glitter fabric. The second layer is a black mesh fabric with blue/green glitter dots and will also have black teardrop fringe trim.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Your mock-up looks great. I'm actually planning to use this pattern for a costume later this summer. I'll be making Ursula's human form from The Little Mermaid with it.



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