Friday, January 10, 2014


I had to scrap my dress because I made a big boo-boo. Somehow, I screwed up cutting the good fabric. Instead of two skirt pieces, I ended up with three. Because I had to sew the additional panel, the skirt ended up being too small in the waist and it would not fit.

I was pretty discouraged. My first project ended up somewhat of a failure. Instead of crying about it, I decided to move on and work on my costume instead.

I found an amazing fabric for the jacket.

The fabric reminds me so much of the German costume, showing here:

Here are some construction notes regarding my costume:

1. Vest that hooks to jacket (hook and eye closures sewed on inside of  jacket)
2. Sequin appliques on jacket
3. Apron overskirt with tabs – black fringe trim
4. Neck ruffle
5. Rich sleeves with glittery overlay
6. Black lace trim on sleeves
7. Black glitter mesh fabric on apron (plain black fabric for first layer)
8. Crinoline inside jacket to make the back proof out
9. Bow tie
10. Black hat with hot pink polka dot mesh
11. Black lace gloves
12. Black boots with gold or pink 

And here's a mockup of the tails and apron:
I used Truly Victorian's 1870's tie back overskirt pattern. It took about two hours to do. I had to adjust the apron because the original pattern piece is too long and is rounded. The costume calls for a square shaped skirt. The German costume seems to use a rounded apron, but I am basing mine off the US tour and Las Vegas versions. I may lower the front an inch or two, we'll see.

The main pattern (Simplicity) got delayed in the mail so I'm waiting on that. Once that arrives, I can start working on the jacket. I am going to line and interface the final garment. I'm really hoping I can pull everything off and make something I'm proud of.

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