Friday, January 3, 2014

Future Project? I think so!

One of my goals is to be able to sew costumes for myself. I like cosplay and have always had to have costumes made due to my inability to sew. Since I am a beginner, I had to pick something that was do-able.

I picked Meg's masquerade costume from The Phantom of the Opera, after coming across a pattern that would need little modification to make it work. Bonus: it's an easy one.

Here's the costume, from the US tour:

Here is the pattern I plan to use. Bottom row, all the way to the left:

I wouldn't start on the project until sometime in the spring. I want to gain more experience with sewing first. And even though I might not start on it until April or May or so, researching and planning out the costume won't hurt.

As for my dress, I'm quite sick and have been sick since New Year's Eve. I feel like crud and am quite achy. I also missed a music lesson due to sickness. I will absolutely finish it when I feel better, though.

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